Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday  Friday
Football $0.25 cent $3.00 any mix well $2.50 Miller Lgt $2.50 Coors Lgt
6pm- 12pm Wings drinks also  bottles bottles 
with 46" Flat Min of (10) buy one sandwich and for the  from 8pm-11pm
Screen TV w/a two drink and get $2.00 off Ladies $0.75 off  
$2.75 any min. 2nd sandwich drinks DJ - Jenn
mixed well In House Only In House Only   Spins from
Drinks during       9pm - 1am
the Game        
Saturday Sunday Weekly Specials
$1.75 pints    Open   Small Pitchers $3.50  
Bud or    1pm - 12am   Large Pitchers $6.50  
Rolling Rock with Happy Hr   Try (50) wings w/a pitcher for $30.05
8pm - 11pm from 2pm-7pm      
  with the Red-      
DJ - Jenn Zone Football      
in again from all Day      
9pm - 1am with (4) TV's      


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